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Listen/DownloadVideo05/31/2020Revive Thy Work, O Lord (VI)Bro. LukeACA
Listen/DownloadVideo05/24/2020Knowing God & Read Seven Letters in Revelation, Examine Our Spiritual Situation Bro. Nathan and HenryACA
Listen/DownloadVideo05/17/2020The Division of Soul and SpiritBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/DownloadVideo05/10/2020Meditate on Acts 2Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/DownloadVideo05/03/2020Knowing the Holy SpiritBro. JerryACA
Listen/DownloadVideo04/26/2020Lord’s Sabbath for our SoulBro. GarryACA
Listen/DownloadVideo04/19/2020Revive Thy Work, O Lord (V)Bro. LukeACA
Listen/DownloadVideo04/12/2020This Gospel of the Kingdom Shall be Preached in the Whole WorldBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/DownloadVideo04/05/2020Meditate on Acts 1Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/DownloadVideo03/29/2020Psalm 23:4Bro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/DownloadVideo03/22/2020Revive Thy Work, O Lord (IV)Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download03/15/2020Psalm 46Bro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download03/08/2020Reflections from the Status of the Current Pestilence and the Study of Revelations 1-3Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download03/01/2020Brothers' SharingBro. Henry and GeorgeACA
Listen/Download02/29/2020A Christian Response to Disasters: Walking in Love, Peace and HopeBro. Larry GeeACA
Listen/Download02/16/2020Choose to be Taught: The Fear of the Lord (II)Bro. JerryACA
Listen/Download02/09/2020Teach Us to PrayBro. Shailesh ParmarACA
Listen/Download02/02/2020Revive Thy Work, O Lord (III)Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download01/26/2020Brothers' SharingBro. Joel and NathanACA
Listen/Download01/25/2020Chinese New Year Testimony MeetingBro. Yaguang, Sis. Mengfei, Bro. Zhaosong, Sis. ShulingACA
Listen/Download01/19/2020Revive Thy Work, O Lord (II)Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download01/12/2020The Lord is My ShepherdBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download01/05/2020Mediator of a Better Convenant (IV)Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download12/22/2019Revive Thy Work, O Lord (I)Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download12/15/2019The Word of God and My/Out TestimonyBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download12/08/2019Brothers' SharingBro. Garry and AdamACA
Listen/Download11/27/2019Thanksgiving Gospel MeetingBro. KimACA
Listen/Download11/24/2019Choose to be Taught: The Fear of the Lord (I)Bro. JerryACA
Listen/Download11/17/2019I will go to the altar of God, to God my exceeding joyBro. Livingstone WongACA
Listen/Download11/15/2019Q & ABro. Livingstone WongACA
Listen/Download11/15/2019Sharing on NumbersBro. Livingstone WongACA
Listen/Download11/10/2019Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the LambBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/27/2019The Fruit of the SpiritBro. Ted PengACA
Listen/Download10/26/2019Christ Revealed and Christ FormedBro. Ted PengACA
Listen/Download10/26/2019Rekindle the Gift of the LordBro. Ted PengACA
Listen/Download10/20/2019Psalm 60 - Relying on the Cross of Christ to Overcome Our Flesh and Self-lifeBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download10/13/2019Rekindle the Fire of LoveBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download10/06/2019Mediator of a Better Convenant (III)Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download09/29/2019Brothers' SharingBro. Joel and GeorgeACA
Listen/Download09/22/2019Christ Live in MeBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download09/15/2019The Book of Daniel and the Book of RevelationBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download09/08/2018Run In Such a Way that You May WinBro. Philip JongACA
Listen/Download09/01/2019Bring Forth Fruit with Patience (III)Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download08/25/2019Gospel SundayBro. GarryACA
Listen/Download08/16/2019New Student Welcome Meeting 2019Bro. James WengMCCF
Listen/Download08/11/2019Lord's Imminent ReturnBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download08/04/2019Vessels of Mercy Prepared Unto GloryBro. JerryACA
Listen/Download07/28/2019Brothers' SharingBro. Nathan and HenryACA
Listen/Download07/21/2019Bring Forth Fruit with Patience (II)Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download07/14/2019Mediator of a Better Convenant (II)Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download07/07/2019Salvation, Entering the Kingdom of God and BaptismBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download06/30/2019Encourage that None of You will be Hardened by the Deceitfulness of SinBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download06/23/2019Bring Forth Fruit with Patience (I)Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download06/02/2019Mediator of a Better Convenant (I)Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download05/26/2019This I Know, That God Is For MeBro. JerryACA
Listen/Download05/19/2019Brothers' SharingBro. Xiaoce and DavidACA
Listen/Download05/12/2019The Most Excellent WayBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download05/05/2019The Lord's Keeping (IV)Bro. Luke LiouACA
Listen/Download04/28/2019Hold Fast the Beginning of Our Assurance Firm until the EndBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download04/21/2019All that Jesus has Done is GoodBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download04/07/2019Family FullnessBro. Dale KingACA
Listen/Download04/06/2019Family FellowshipBro. Dale KingACA
Listen/Download04/05/2019Family FoundationBro. Dale KingACA
Listen/Download03/31/2019Two ways, the righteous & the wicked contrasted - Psalm 1Bro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download03/24/2019Brothers' SharingBro. Guosheng and NathanACA
Listen/Download03/17/2019The Lord's Keeping (III)Bro. Luke LiouACA
Listen/Download03/10/2019Shepherding in LoveBro. James WengACA
Listen/Download03/03/2019Church and Church Building Principles as Seen in EphesiansBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download02/17/2019Why do We Gather This WaySis. Amy BorACA
Listen/Download02/17/2019Psalm 16 - Know the Path of LifeBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download02/15/2019Who Are WeSis. Amy BorACA
Listen/Download02/15/2019In Christ - BaptismBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download02/10/2019Resurrection and the Power of GodBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download02/02/2019Chinese New Year Gospel MeetingBro. JerryACA
Listen/Download01/27/2019The Lord's Keeping (II)Bro. Luke LiouACA
Listen/Download01/20/2019Be Strong in the Grace That Is in Christ JesusBro. JerryACA
Listen/Download01/13/2019Brothers' SharingBro. Joel and GarryACA
Listen/Download01/06/2019The Love of God - Mother's Love (II)Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download12/23/2018The Parable of the Good SamaritanBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download12/16/2018The Lord's Keeping (I)Bro. Luke LiouACA
Listen/Download12/09/2018God's Amazing GraceBro. Lawrence BasaACA
Listen/Download12/02/2018Sense of LifeBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download11/21/2018Thanksgiving Gospel MeetingBro. Jian ChangACA
Listen/Download11/18/2018Seeing the Work of God through Psalm 61 (III)Bro. Jian ChangACA
Listen/Download11/17/2018Seeing the Work of God through Psalm 61 (II)Bro. Jian ChangACA
Listen/Download11/16/2018Seeing the Work of God through Psalm 61 (I)Bro. Jian ChangACA
Listen/Download11/11/2018Brothers' SharingBro. Garry and QingfengACA
Listen/Download11/04/2018The Love of God - Mother's Love (I)Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download10/28/2018The Just Will Live By FaithBro. JerryACA
Listen/Download10/21/2018Higher, Wiser, DeeperBro. KimACA
Listen/Download10/07/2018God Forms the UniverseBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download09/23/2018The Story of the City of Ai (II)Bro. Peter LiuACA
Listen/Download09/22/2018The Story of the City of Ai (I)Bro. Peter LiuACA
Listen/Download09/22/2018Fellowship Meeting with Bro./Sis. LiuBro./Sis. LiuACA
Listen/Download09/21/2018Campus Gospel Meeting - Two CriminalsBro. Peter LiuMCCF
Listen/Download09/16/2018Brothers' Sharing - In HimBro. George HuangACA
Listen/Download09/09/2018Do you love ME more than theseBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download09/02/2018Come! You who are blessed by my Father!Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download08/26/2018Endurance of JobBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download08/24/2018New Student Welcome Meeting 2018Bro. Kang ZhangMCCF
Listen/Download08/12/2018It Is Late But Not Too LateBro. Dale KingACA
Listen/Download08/05/2018The Love of God - Father's Love IIBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download07/29/2018Brothers' SharingBro. Joel and DavidACA
Listen/Download07/22/2018Served...Fall AsleepBro. JerryACA
Listen/Download07/15/2018Come, you who are blessed by my fatherBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download07/01/2018The Return of RemnantsBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download06/24/2018The Love of God - Father's LoveBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download06/03/2018Holding fast the Word of LifeBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download05/27/2018The Covenant of GodBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download05/20/2018Brothers' SharingBro. Nathan and QingfengACA
Listen/Download05/13/2018Blessed Man IIBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download05/06/2018Gospel PreachingBro. Shailesh ParmerACA
Listen/Download04/29/2018Choose Life Through Sanctified WillBro. JerryACA
Listen/Download04/22/2018Paul's Last Recorded Word to the Saints in CorinthBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download04/08/2018To Be Seated with Him in the Heavenly PlacesBro. Philip JongACA
Listen/Download03/25/2018I am the Way, and the Truth, and the LifeBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download03/18/2018Brothers' SharingBro. Henry and GarryACA
Listen/Download03/11/2018John 2: Faith, Time, Sign, and TempleBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download03/04/2018Cause, Cost, ConflictBro. Jerry YueACA
Listen/Download02/18/2018Narrow Gate and Narrow Way IIBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download02/17/2018Chinese New Year Gospel Meeting - Do you understand what you are reading?Bro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download02/16/2018Narrow Gate and Narrow Way IBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download02/11/2018Blessed Man IBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download02/04/2018The Way of the CrossBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download01/28/2018You are My WitnessesBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download01/21/2018Blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb! (Be Prepared!)Bro. ChuACA
Listen/Download01/14/2018The Word of the CrossBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download01/07/2018Brothers' SharingBro. David and JoelACA
Listen/Download12/24/2017Understand the TimeBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download12/17/2017Parable of the Sower and SoilsBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download12/10/2017That I May Know Him and The Power of His ResurrectionBro. JerryACA
Listen/Download12/03/2017Thanks to GodBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download11/26/2017Brothers' SharingBro. Nathan and QingfengACA
Listen/Download11/22/2017Thanksgiving Gospel MeetingBrother Haibin WangACA
Listen/Download11/19/2017Big to LittleBro. Dale KingACA
Listen/Download11/12/2017Fellowship Meeting with Bro. Peter LiuBrother Peter LiuACA
Listen/Download11/12/2017I am the Resurrection and the LifeBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download11/05/2017Moses: True Service is True WorshipBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download10/22/2017Psalm 77 (IV)Bro. Alfred LoACA
Listen/Download10/21/2017Psalm 77 (III)Bro. Alfred LoACA
Listen/Download10/21/2017Psalm 77 (II)Bro. Alfred LoACA
Listen/Download10/20/2017Psalm 77 (I)Bro. Alfred LoACA
Listen/Download10/15/2017Knowing Suffering - Experiencing Jesus ChristBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download10/08/2017Walk Before the Lord and Be BlamelessBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download10/01/2017The Lord's Test of His SaintsBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download09/24/2017Receive, Give, and ConsecrationBro. Jack LeeACA
Listen/Download09/17/2017Brothers' SharingBro. Henry Huang and George HuangACA
Listen/Download09/10/2017Gospel SundayBro. Qingfeng WangACA
Listen/Download09/03/2017The Birth of Moses and His Growing Up in EgyptBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download08/20/2017The Covenant of Love IIIBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download08/13/2017The Parable of the Wedding FeastBro. James WengACA
Listen/Download07/30/2017Jacob: Allow the Holy Spirit to Work on Us Is True WorshipBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download07/23/2017Brothers' SharingBro. Garry and JoelACA
Listen/Download07/16/2017Gospel Sunday: How Do We Know God is True?Bro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download07/09/2017The Covenant of Love IIBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download07/02/2017Walk Before the Lord and Be BlamelessBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download06/25/2017The Old and The NewBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download06/04/2017The Covenant of LoveBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download05/28/2017True Offering Is True WorshipBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download05/21/2017The Great Commission in the Four GospelsBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download05/14/2017Brothers' SharingBro. Nathan and QingfengACA
Listen/Download05/07/2017You Must Be Born AgainBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download04/30/2017Press On to Know the LordBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download04/23/2017David - True Repentance is True WorshipBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download04/09/2017Holy SpiritBro. Lawrence BasaACA
Listen/Download04/02/2017You Must Be Born AgainBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download03/19/2017Walk before the LordBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download03/12/2017Brothers' SharingBro. Henry and GeorgeACA
Listen/Download03/05/2017Word of God and Testimony of Jesus Christ - God's Word to the Churches of the Last DaysBro. Jonathan PongACA
Listen/Download03/04/2017Word of God and Testimony of Jesus Christ - First LoveBro. Jonathan PongACA
Listen/Download03/03/2017Word of God and Testimony of Jesus Christ - The Time is NearBro. Jonathan PongACA
Listen/Download02/28/2017David's SecretBro. Ben HilbertACA
Listen/Download02/26/2017Blessed AssuranceBro. Geoffrey PittmanACA
Listen/Download02/25/2017Evangelism WorkshopBro. Geoffrey PittmanMCCF
Listen/Download02/12/2017True Worship IBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download02/05/2017The Faith of Rahab the HarlotBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download01/29/2017King JosiahBro. KimACA
Listen/Download01/28/2017Chinese New Year Gospel MeetingBro. Xiaoce HuangACA
Listen/Download01/22/2017Brothers' SharingBro. Garry and JoelACA
Listen/Download01/15/2017You Must Be Born AgainBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download01/08/2017Psalm 65Bro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download12/25/2016Humble Ourselves, Pray, Seek His Face, Turn From Our Wicked WaysBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download12/18/2016You Must Be Born AgainBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download12/11/2016Walk Before the LordBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download12/04/2016Love His AppearingBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download11/27/2016Brothers' SharingBro. Guosheng and NathanACA
Listen/Download11/23/2016Thanksgiving Gospel Meeting - Count Your BlessingsBro. Kaibin FuACA
Listen/Download11/20/2016Thank GodBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download11/13/20162 TimothyBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download11/06/2016Special Meeting Messages ReviewBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download10/30/2016Now that God Gave me a Family, What is Our Goal Together and How should We Raise our Children in the 21st CenturySis. Amy BorACA
Listen/Download10/30/2016The Calling that God Called Us - Calling and VocationBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/29/2016Qualities of and Role of a Wife/MotherSis. Amy BorACA
Listen/Download10/29/2016The Calling that God Called Us - Calling and Following the LordBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/29/2016Q and A Session with Brother and Sister BorBro. and Sis. BorACA
Listen/Download10/28/2016What are the Causes of a Bad MarriageSis. Amy BorACA
Listen/Download10/28/2016The Calling that God Called Us - Calling and New LifeBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/23/2016When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?Bro. John TsengACA
Listen/Download10/21/2016Campus Gospel MeetingBro. and Sis. TsengMCCF
Listen/Download10/09/2016Obtained TestimonyBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download10/02/2016You Must Be Born AgainBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download09/25/2016Brothers' SharingBro. Tim and GarryACA
Listen/Download09/18/2016Know HimBro. Shailesh ParmarACA
Listen/Download09/16/2016MCCF Mid-Autumn Gospel MeetingBro. KimMCCF
Listen/Download09/11/2016Humble Ourselves, Pray, Seek His Face, Turn From Our Wicked Ways - Ezra: Knowing the Law and Will of GodBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download09/04/2016Hold Fast the Beginning of Our Assurance FirmBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download08/14/2016You Must Be Born AgainBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download08/07/2016Humble Ourselves, Pray, Seek His Face, Turn From Our Wicked Ways - Zerubbabel: A Spirit That Can Be Stirred UpBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download07/31/2016Brothers' SharingBro. Joel and GoergeACA
Listen/Download07/24/2016Gospel Sunday: Coming Home - The Prodigal SonBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download07/17/2016A Pathway to Spiritual HealthBro. Lingstone WongACA
Listen/Download07/16/2016Fellowship on Bible ReadingBro. Lingstone WongACA
Listen/Download07/15/2016How Can Man Gather Grapes from ThornsBro. Lingstone WongACA
Listen/Download07/10/2016God Is LoveBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download07/03/2016Suffering - Blessing in Disguise IVBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download06/26/2016Knowing the Love of God through the book of JonahBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download06/05/2016Church's PrayerBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download05/29/2016Brothers' SharingBro. Guosheng and QingfengACA
Listen/Download05/22/2016Baptism Meeting SharingBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download05/15/2016The Inheritance (Christ) to PossessBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download05/08/2016Suffering - Blessing in Disguise IIIBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download05/01/2016Jesus Shall Take the Highest Honor and PlaceBro. Phillip JongACA
Listen/Download04/24/2016Gospel SundayBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download04/10/2016Humble Ourselves, Pray, Seek His Face, Turn From Our Wicked Ways - The Testimony of DanielBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download04/03/2016Suffering - Blessing in Disguise IIBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download03/27/2016Brothers' SharingBro. Garry and NathanACA
Listen/Download03/20/2016Love His AppearingBro. Jack LeeACA
Listen/Download03/13/2016Humble Ourselves, Pray, Seek His Face, Turn From Our Wicked WaysBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download03/06/2016Knowing the CrossBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download02/28/2016Suffering - Blessing in Disguise IBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download02/14/2016Anointing Trees to Be KingBro. Livingstone WongACA
Listen/Download02/13/2016How to Shake Off ViperBro. Livingstone WongNorth Pole Family Fellowship
Listen/Download02/12/2016Letter of ChristBro. Sunshine BorMCCF
Listen/Download02/12/2016Dating and MarriageSis. Amy BorACA
Listen/Download02/11/2016Fellowship Meeting with Bro. Livingstone Wong and Sunshine BorBro. Livingstone Wong and Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download02/07/2016The Begining of His SignsBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download02/06/2016Chinese New Year Gospel MeetingBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download01/31/2016Brothers' SharingBro. Joel and XiaoceACA
Listen/Download01/17/2016All Things are Possible with GodBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download01/10/2016Press On to Know the Lord (Hosea 6:3)Bro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download01/03/2016Psalms 107: 23-43Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download12/20/2015Persevere To Produce A CropBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download12/13/2015FaithBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download12/06/2015ConsecrationBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download11/29/2015Bearing Fruit - Manifestation of Christ's LifeBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download11/25/2015Thanksgiving Gospel MeetingBro. KimACA
Listen/Download11/22/2015Brothers' SharingBro. Garry and GuoshengACA
Listen/Download11/15/2015Q and A with Brother ChenBro. Christian ChenACA
Listen/Download11/15/2015Meditating the Book of Habakkuk IIIBro. Christian ChenACA
Listen/Download11/14/2015Meditating the Book of Habakkuk IIBro. Christian ChenACA
Listen/Download11/14/2015The 32 Blood Moons and Bible ProphecyBro. Christian ChenACA
Listen/Download11/13/2015Meditating the Book of Habakkuk IBro. Christian ChenACA
Listen/Download11/08/2015Obedience of Faith is the Key to Our Spiritual GrowthBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download11/01/2015The Person and Work of The Holy SpiritBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download10/30/2015Gospel Meeting: Heavenly Wisdom vs. Earthly WisdomBro. Chang JianMCCF
Listen/Download10/18/2015Psalms 107: 1-22Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download10/04/2015Full SalvationBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download09/27/2015Testimony of God's ChildrenBro. KimACA
Listen/Download09/20/2015Gospel Sunday: He saved others, but He cannot save Himself.Bro. George HuangACA
Listen/Download09/13/2015The Lord's Table (I)Bro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download09/11/2015Gospel MeetingBro. YaoMCCF
Listen/Download09/06/2015Brothers' SharingBro. Joel and TimACA
Listen/Download08/30/2015Faith is The VictoryBro. Shailesh ParmarACA
Listen/Download08/23/2015How to Escape From the Final Explosion/JudgementBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download08/16/2015Eyes of FaithBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download08/13/2015New Student Welcome Meeting 2015Bro. Kaibin FuMCCF
Listen/Download08/09/2015Listening To the Voice of The LordBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download07/26/2015Brothers' SharingBro. Xiaoce and NathanACA
Listen/Download07/19/2015The Sign and Calling of the End TimesBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download07/12/2015Life of Christ in UsBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download07/05/2015Listen to the Voice of The LordBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download06/07/2015Learn To Pray From Lord Jesus Part IIBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download05/31/2015Listen to The Voice of The LordBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download05/24/2015Jesus Christ Is Our Grain OfferingBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download05/17/2015Brothers' SharingBro. Guosheng and QingfengACA
Listen/Download05/10/2015Walk in HimBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download05/03/2015Learn To Pray From Lord JesusBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download04/19/2015The Foundation of Building the ChurchBro. James WengACA
Listen/Download04/05/2015Q and A SessionBro. and Sis. LiuACA
Listen/Download04/05/2015The Revelation of Jesus Christ IIBro. Peter LiuACA
Listen/Download04/04/2015The Revelation of Jesus Christ IBro. Peter LiuACA
Listen/Download04/03/2015Knowing the RevelationBro. Peter LiuACA
Listen/Download03/29/2015The Way to Abundant Life - God's MarkingBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download03/22/2015Christ Is Our Peace OfferingBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download03/15/2015Brothers' SharingBro. Joel and GarryACA
Listen/Download03/08/2015Jesus Christ Full of Grace and TruthBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download03/01/2015The Need of A New BirthBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download02/21/2015Chinese New Year Special Meeting (Pass Over ''Nian'')Bro. Haibin WangACA
Listen/Download02/08/2015Break Up The Fallow GroundBro. Phillip JongACA
Listen/Download02/01/2015The Way to Abundant LifeBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download01/25/2015Brothers' SharingBro. Guosheng and XiaoceACA
Listen/Download01/18/2015Reign With ChristBro. Jack LeeACA
Listen/Download01/11/2015Christ Is Our Sin Offering And Guilt OfferingBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download01/04/2015Living By FaithBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download12/21/2014The Way to Abundant LifeBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download12/07/2014Persevering In PrayerBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download11/30/2014Brothers' SharingBro. Joel and NathanACA
Listen/Download11/26/2014Thanksgiving MeetingBro. KimACA
Listen/Download11/23/2014Jesus Christ is Lord of AllBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download11/16/2014Abiding in Christ - The Way to Abundant LifeBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download11/09/2014Offer up Spiritual Sacrifice Acceptable to God through Jesus ChristBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download11/02/2014The Inner Man and the Outer ManBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download10/26/2014Overcoming our ''good intentions''Bro. KimACA
Listen/Download10/12/2014Q and A SessionBro. and Sis. BorACA
Listen/Download10/12/2014A Matter of the Heart: A Determined HeartSis. Amy BorACA
Listen/Download10/11/2014A Matter of the Heart: A Pure HeartSis. Amy BorACA
Listen/Download10/10/2014A Matter of the Heart: A Heavenly HeartSis. Amy BorACA
Listen/Download10/12/2014Life's Planning and PursuitBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/11/2014How Joshua Carried On the MissionBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/11/2014The Formative Years of JoshuaBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/10/2014Coming HomeBro. Sunshine BorMCCF
Listen/Download09/28/2014Brothers' SharingBro. Garry and QingfengACA
Listen/Download09/14/2014Moses, the Servant of GodBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download09/07/2014The Way to The Abundant LifeBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download08/24/2014FaithBro. James WengACA
Listen/Download08/21/2014New Student Welcome Gospel MeetingBro. Kaibin FuMCCF
Listen/Download08/17/2014Holy Pristhood 7Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download08/10/2014Lord, Teach Us to PrayBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download08/03/2014The Way to The Abundant LifeBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download07/27/2014Not Ashamed of The GospelBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download07/20/2014Holy Pristhood 6Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download07/13/2014The Way to The Abundant LifeBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download07/06/2014Brothers' SharingBro. Nathan and GuoshengACA
Listen/Download06/29/2014Living for Jesus (Fellowship on Hymn 306)Sis. ShaoACA
Listen/Download06/28/2014Living for Jesus (Fellowship on Hymn 306)Sis. ShaoACA
Listen/Download06/08/2014Scars: The Mark of An Abundant LifeBro. Livingstone WongACA
Listen/Download06/01/2014Holy Priesthood 5Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download05/25/2014The Life of JosephBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download05/18/2014Brothers' Sharing MeetingBro. Gary and George HuangACA
Listen/Download05/11/2014Old and NewBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download05/04/2014You Shall Love the LordBro. JongACA
Listen/Download04/27/2014The Way to the Abundant LifeBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download04/06/2014Lord Jesus is the ProphetBro. Samuel KaoACA
Listen/Download04/05/2014Lord Jesus is the KingBro. Samuel KaoACA
Listen/Download04/04/2014Lord Jesus is the PriestBro. Samuel KaoACA
Listen/Download03/30/2014Make the Wise ChoiceBro. KimACA
Listen/Download03/23/2014Holy Priesthood 4Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download03/16/2014Brothers' Sharing: Psalm 128Bro. Tim and JoelACA
Listen/Download03/09/2014Way to Abundant Life - Service of BodyBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download03/02/2014Servants of the New Covenant - 2 Corinthians 3Bro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download02/23/2014The God of Abraham, the God of Issac and the God of JacobBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download02/16/2014Service That's After God's Own HeartBro. Jack LeeACA
Listen/Download02/02/2014Isaiah's Vision and CommissionBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download02/01/2014New Year Gospel MeetingBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download01/26/2014Way to Abundant Life - Worship and Serve GodBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download01/19/2014Brothers' SharingBro. Nathan and GeorgeACA
Listen/Download01/12/2014Holy Priesthood IIIBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download01/05/2014IsaacBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download12/22/2013Summing Up All Things in Christ (Ephesians 1:9-10)Bro. Dale KingACA
Listen/Download12/15/2013The Household of FaithBro. Shailesh ParmarACA
Listen/Download12/08/2013Choose LifeBro. Luke LiouACA
Listen/Download12/01/2013People of the Bible: JacobBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download11/28/2013Luke Chapter 5Bro. Chang JianACA
Listen/Download11/24/2013Holy Priesthood IIBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download11/17/2013Brothers' SharingBro. Gary and HenryACA
Listen/Download11/10/2013Zacchaeus and The Rich Young RulerBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download11/08/2013LazarusBro. KimMCCF
Listen/Download11/03/2013Way to Abundant Life - Serve The LordBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download10/27/2013Holy Priesthood IBro. Patrick ChiangACA
Listen/Download10/13/2013Some Practical Learning of Christian LifeBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/13/2013The Book of Numbers IIIBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/12/2013The Book of Numbers IIBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/12/2013The Book of Numbers IBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/11/2013The Puzzle of Life and DeathBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/06/2013Story SharingBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download09/29/2013People of the Bible: IsaacBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download09/22/2013Way to Abundant LifeBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download09/15/2013Living a Life that Pleases God (2 Corinthians 5)Bro. Chang JianACA
Listen/Download09/08/2013Living Stone and Spiritual House VIIBro. Patrick ChiangACA
Listen/Download09/01/2013Brothers' SharingBro. Nathan and GeorgeACA
Listen/Download08/25/2013Blessings of Tribe of JudahBro. Livingstone WongACA
Listen/Download08/23/2013How to read BibleBro. Livingstone WongACA
Listen/Download08/18/2013Seeing God on the ThroneBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download08/11/2013Way to Abundant Life - As Long As It Is Called TodayBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download07/28/2013Brothers' SharingBro. Tim and ChowhongACA
Listen/Download07/21/2013Knowing the Inner ManBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download07/14/2013Living Stone and Spiritual House VIBro. Patrick ChiangACA
Listen/Download07/07/2013Way to Abundant LifeBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download06/30/2013People of the Bible: AbrahamBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download06/09/2013Way to Abundant LifeBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download06/02/2013Lessons of the Laodicean ChurchBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download05/26/2013Way to Abundant LifeBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download05/19/2013Living Stone and Spiritual House VBro. Patrick ChiangACA
Listen/Download05/12/2013Brothers' SharingBro. Joel and HenryACA
Listen/Download05/05/2013The Birth and Upbringing of MosesBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download04/21/2013He Who Calls Us is FaithfulBro. James WongACA
Listen/Download04/14/2013Living Stone and Spiritual House IVBro. Patrick ChiangACA
Listen/Download04/07/2013A Wake-up Call for RevivalBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download03/24/2013People of the BibleBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download03/17/2013Brothers' SharingBro. Garry and GeorgeACA
Listen/Download03/10/2013A new cruseBro. Philip JongACA
Listen/Download03/03/2013Way to Abundant LifeBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download02/24/2013The Mysteries of the Kingdom of HeavenBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download02/16/2013Q and A with Brother BorBro. BorACA
Listen/Download02/15/2013To Know the Word of GodBro. BorACA
Listen/Download02/10/2013Testimony of HomeBro. Robert TingACA
Listen/Download02/09/2013New Year Eve Gospel MeetingBro. Robert TingACA
Listen/Download02/03/2013Living Stones and Spiritual House IIIBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download01/27/2013Let Faith AriseBro. Shailesh ParmarACA
Listen/Download01/20/2013Brothers' SharingBro. Tim and GeorgeACA
Listen/Download01/13/2013Way to Abundant LifeBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download01/06/2013Galatians 3Bro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download12/23/2012Walking in loveBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download12/16/2012Living Stones and Spiritual House IIBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download12/09/2012The People of BibleBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download11/25/2012To Learn A Parable From Tribe of Benjamin IIBro. Christian ChenACA
Listen/Download11/24/2012To Learn A Parable From Tribe of Benjamin IBro. Christian ChenACA
Listen/Download11/22/2012Come!Bro. Christian ChenACA
Listen/Download11/18/2012Galatians 1-2Bro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download11/11/2012Brothers' SharingBro. Nathan and HenryACA
Listen/Download11/04/2012Living Stones and Spiritual House IBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download10/28/2012Treasure the Knowledge of Jesus Christ IIIBro. Livingstone WongACA
Listen/Download10/27/2012Treasure the Knowledge of Jesus Christ IIBro. Livingstone WongACA
Listen/Download10/26/2012Treasure the Knowledge of Jesus Christ IBro. Livingstone WongACA
Listen/Download10/14/20122 ThessaloniansBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download10/07/2012Personal Spiritual LifeBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download09/30/2012See ClearlyBro. KimACA
Listen/Download09/16/2012Our LifeBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download09/09/2012Brothers' Sharing: God's LoveBro. Chowhong and JoelACA
Listen/Download09/02/2012Perfecting Love Through CrossBro. Patrick ChiangACA
Listen/Download08/19/2012The Fundamental Will of God in Christ Jesus for UsBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download08/12/2012But Love EdifiesBro. Patrick ChiangACA
Listen/Download07/29/2012Clothed with ChristBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download07/22/2012Brothers' SharingBro. George and GarryACA
Listen/Download07/15/2012Good SoilBro. Chang JianACA
Listen/Download07/08/2012ZionBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download07/01/2012I desire to do your will, O my GodBro. Patrick ChiangACA
Listen/Download06/24/2012BelovedBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download06/03/2012Our InheritanceBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download05/27/2012Put on ChristBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download05/20/2012Brothers' Sharing (Cont.)Bro. Nathan and TimACA
Listen/Download05/13/2012Sermon on the Mount: Blessed are... (5)Bro. Patrick ChiangACA
Listen/Download05/06/2012Trust and ObeyBro. Philip JongACA
Listen/Download04/29/2012Brothers' Sharing (Cont.)Bro. Chowhong and HenryACA
Listen/Download04/22/2012Conformation in LoveBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download04/15/2012Jesus is the Good SamaritanBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download04/01/2012 The Alpha And The OmegaBro. Livingstone WangACA
Listen/Download03/31/2012To Manifest His GloryBro. Livingstone WangACA
Listen/Download03/25/2011Believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of GodBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download03/18/2012Sermon on the Mount: Blessed are... (4)Bro. Patrick ChiangACA
Listen/Download03/11/2012Way To Abundant Life (Cont.)Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download03/04/2012Brothers' SharingBro. Gary and JoelACA
Listen/Download02/19/2012A Broken and Contrite Heart (Psalm 51:17)Bro. Dale KingACA
Listen/Download02/12/2012The 8th Sign of John's Gospel -Necessity of Complete BrokennessBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download02/05/2012Way To Abundant Life (Cont.)Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download01/29/2012Spiritual ManBro. KimACA
Listen/Download01/22/2012Sermon on the Mount: Blessed are... (3)Bro. Patrick ChiangACA
Listen/Download01/15/2012I am the True Vine (John 15:1)Bro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download01/08/2012Way To Abundant Life - From Logos To Rhema (Cont.)Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download12/25/2011Knowing and Growing in the LordBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download12/18/2011A Journey of learning to choose: starting from Genesis Chapter 4Bro. Chang JianACA
Listen/Download11/24/2011Come inBro. Robert TingACA
Listen/Download11/24/2011Go back homeBro. Robert TingACA
Listen/Download11/20/2011I am the way, and the truth, and the life (John 14:6)Bro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download11/13/2011Way To Abundant Life - From Logos To Rhema (Cont.)Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download11/06/2011Sermon on the Mount: Blessed are... (2)Bro. Patrick ChiangACA
Listen/Download10/30/2011I am the Resurrection and the Life (John 11:25)Bro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download10/23/2011God The Holy SpiritBro. ShaileshACA
Listen/Download10/16/2011Way To Abundant Life - From Logos To Rhema Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download10/09/2011Sermon on the Mount: Blessed are... (1)Bro. Patrick ChiangACA
Listen/Download09/25/2011The House of God (3/3)Bro. Godwin SunACA
Listen/Download09/24/2011The House of God (2/3)Bro. Godwin SunACA
Listen/Download09/23/2011The House of God (1/3)Bro. Godwin SunACA
Listen/Download09/18/2011I Am The Good ShepherdBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download09/04/2011Way To Abundant Life - Unity in the Body of ChristBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download08/28/2011Psalm 1Bro. Patrick ChiangACA
Listen/Download08/25/2011Great CommissionBro. Yongliang ZhuACA
Listen/Download08/21/2011Bible Study Training (1 of 4)Bro. Philip JongACA
Listen/Download08/21/2011Mystery of PrayerBro. Philip JongACA
Listen/Download08/14/2011Lord, Teach Us To PrayBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download08/07/2011Way To Abundant Life(Cont.)Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download07/24/2011Way To Abundant Life - Follow JesusBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download07/17/2011We are the Greater DebtorBro. KimACA
Listen/Download07/10/2011Revelation: Letter to the Messenger of the Church in LaodiceaBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download07/03/2011The Importance of The Holy SpiritBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download06/26/2011The Goal Of This Command Is Love(1 Tim1:5)Bro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download06/05/2011Way To Abundant Life(Cont.)Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download05/29/2011Man Lives Not By Bread AloneBro. Dale KingACA
Listen/Download05/22/2011I AM The DoorBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download05/08/2011Way To Abundant LifeBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download05/01/2011Revelation 3:7-13Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download04/03/2011 Groan (2 of 2) Bro. Peter LiuACA
Listen/Download04/02/2011 Groan, Groan, Groan (1 of 2) Bro. Peter LiuACA
Listen/Download04/01/2011 Gain or Lose Bro. Peter LiuACA
Listen/Download03/27/2011Keep Your Heart Pure For The LordBro. Daniel ChowACA
Listen/Download03/13/2011Revelation Chapter 3-Letter to the Messenger of the Church of SardisBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download03/06/2011I AM The Bread of LifeBro. Daniel GaoACA
Listen/Download02/27/2011The Resurrection...Bro. PaulACA
Listen/Download02/20/2011Wake, Waite For The Lord Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download02/13/2011To Wait For The Mercy Of Our Lord Jesus Christ Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download02/06/2011Grace-1st of the 4 keys on church buildingBro. Chang JianACA
Listen/Download01/30/2011Narrow Road, Wide RoadBro. KimACA
Listen/Download01/16/2011Resurrection LifeBro. PaulACA
Listen/Download01/02/2011God's Love vs Man's Love Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download12/12/2010Revelation Chapter 2-Letter to the church of Thyatira Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download12/05/2010SharingBro. Robert DingACA
Listen/Download11/28/2010Moses Struck the RockBro. Hai KingACA
Listen/Download11/27/2010Seeing the Gospel from MosesBro. Hai KingACA
Listen/Download11/25/2010Love Manifested Through the Last Words of Jesus on the CrossBro. Hai KingACA
Listen/Download11/21/2010The way of wholeness-out of death into lifeBro. PaulACA
Listen/Download11/14/2010Sunday Message Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download11/07/2010Sunday Message Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download10/24/2010Sunday Message Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download10/03/2010The way of wholeness-out of death into lifeBro. PaulACA
Listen/Download09/26/2010Looking off unto Jesus-Hebrews 12:1-3 Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download09/19/2010Matthew 9 Bro. LukeACA
Listen/Download09/05/2010Revelation Chapter 2-Letter to the church of Smyrna Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download07/11/2010Revelation Chapter 2-Letter to the church of Ephesus Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download05/30/2010Revelation Chapter 1, 2nd HalfBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download09/12/2010The Blood Of The Passover LambBro. ShaileshACA
Listen/Download08/15/2010A Redundant Chapter of Jonah?Bro. Philip JongACA
Listen/Download07/18/2010Jesus, the delight of His Father!Bro. Dale KingACA
Listen/Download10/10/2010Spiritual Example 2Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/09/2010Spiritual Example 1Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/08/2010True and Living GodSunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/10/2010Sharing with YouthSister Amy BorACA
Listen/Download10/09/2010Sharing with YouthSister Amy BorACA
Listen/Download10/09/2010Sharing with YouthSister Amy BorACA
Listen/Download05/02/2010Psalm 71Bro. Chang JianACA
Listen/Download04/25/2010Romans 12 - Living Out of Body LifeBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download04/18/2010Revelation Chapter 1Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download04/11/2010Genesis 9Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download03/28/2010The Mystery of GodBro. Robert DingACA
Listen/Download02/28/2010To Live a Spirit-Filled Life At The End TimeBro. Chip KingACA
Listen/Download02/21/2010Life of FaithBro. PaulACA
Listen/Download02/07/2010The Gospel is the Power of GodBro. Robert DingACA
Listen/Download02/06/2010The Gospel that Manifests the Righteousness of GodBro. Robert DingACA
Listen/Download02/05/2010The Gospel of His SonBro. Robert DingACA
Listen/Download01/24/2010Mark 12Bro. KimACA
Listen/Download01/17/2010David - Mindful of the Dwelling Place of God 4Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download01/10/2010Brotherly LoveBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download12/20/2009Brotherly LoveBro. Chang JianACA
Listen/Download12/13/2009The Way of Perfect ManBro. PaulACA
Listen/Download12/06/2009The Ark of the LordBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download11/15/2009SharingSister ShaoACA
Listen/Download10/11/2009Life of PriaseBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/10/2009Life of JoyBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/09/2009Life of Peace and RestBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download10/04/2009ConsecrationBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download09/27/2009Genesis 6Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download09/13/2009ConsecrationBro. Philip JongACA
Listen/Download09/06/2009The Return of the Ark of GodBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download07/26/2009Genesis 4Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download07/19/2009Jehovah JirehBro. ShaileshACA
Listen/Download07/12/2009David and The House of GodBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download07/05/2009Being FaithfulBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download06/28/2009The Way of Perfect ManBro. PaulACA
Listen/Download06/21/2009Elijah (9w)Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download05/31/2009Growing in the LordBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download05/24/2009Justification in the LordBro. PaulACA
Listen/Download05/17/2009Psalm 51Bro. Chang JianACA
Listen/Download05/03/2009Elijah (8)Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download04/19/2009Genesis 3Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download03/29/2009Overcomers (3)Bro. Livingstone WongACA
Listen/Download03/28/2009Overcomers (2)Bro. Livingstone WongACA
Listen/Download03/27/2009Overcomers (1)Bro. Livingstone WongACA
Listen/Download03/22/2009The Temple of GodBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download03/08/2009The Way of Perfect ManBro. PaulACA
Listen/Download03/01/2009Genesis 2 - Christ is AllBro. DanielACA
Listen/Download02/22/2009Elijah (7)Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download02/15/2009NehemiahBro. KimACA
Listen/Download02/01/2009John 13 - Washing FeetBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download01/25/2009The three promises of GodBro. Philip JongACA
Listen/Download01/18/2009Drawing Close to the LordSister ShaoACA
Listen/Download01/18/2009Genesis 1Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download01/11/2009Drawing Close to the LordSister ShaoACA
Listen/Download01/11/2009How to be a Perfect ManBro. PaulACA
Listen/Download01/04/2009The Beatitudes - 2Bro. KuoACA
Listen/Download12/21/2008Elijah (6)Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download11/30/2008Q and A with Sister Amy Bor about YouthAmy BorACA
Listen/Download11/29/2008Testimony of Stephen BorStephen BorACA
Listen/Download11/29/2008I Choose the Tree of LifeAmy BorACA
Listen/Download11/27/2008Thanksgiving MessageBro. Chang JianACA
Listen/Download11/23/2008Cast Your Burdens to the LordBro. DanielACA
Listen/Download11/16/2008God's Church - (3)Bro. Godwin SunACA
Listen/Download11/15/2008God's Church - (2)Bro. Godwin SunACA
Listen/Download11/15/2008Q and ABro. Godwin SunACA
Listen/Download11/14/2008God's Church - (1)Bro. Godwin SunACA
Listen/Download11/02/2008Entering into the Kingdom of HeavenBro. KuoACA
Listen/Download10/26/2008The Preciousness of TimeBro. ShaileshACA
Listen/Download10/05/2008Elijah (5)Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download10/03/2008TestimonySister WangMCCF
Listen/Download09/28/2008Inheritance in GodBro. Dale KingACA
Listen/Download09/21/2008Build Yourself in the Most Holy Faith - JudeBro. DanielACA
Listen/Download09/14/2008The way of perfect man (3)Bro. PaulACA
Listen/Download09/07/2008Being Poor in SpiritBro. KuoACA
Listen/Download08/17/2008Elijah (4)Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download08/16/2008Sharing 3Sister ShaoACA
Listen/Download08/15/2008Sharing 2Sister ShaoACA
Listen/Download08/10/2008Sharing 1Sister ShaoACA
Listen/Download08/03/2008John 8Bro. KimACA
Listen/Download07/27/2008Bearing fruits - LoveBro. KuoACA
Listen/Download07/20/2008The way of perfect man (2)Bro. PaulACA
Listen/Download07/13/2008Mystery of SufferingBro. Philip JongACA
Listen/Download07/06/2008Worship the LordBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download06/29/2008Psalm 1Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download06/08/2008God's Love in UsBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download05/25/2008Elijah (3)Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download05/11/2008The Principles and Way of God's Blessing 3Bro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download05/10/2008The Principles and Way of God's Blessing 2Bro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download05/09/2008The Principles and Way of God's Blessing 1Bro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download05/04/2008The way of perfect manBro. PaulACA
Listen/Download04/27/2008God is Love, Love GodBro. ZhuACA
Listen/Download04/20/2008Zechariah 1-8Bro. C.C. WeiACA
Listen/Download04/13/2008Love Each OtherBro. KuoACA
Listen/Download04/06/2008Trust and ObeyBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download03/30/2008To Be RecordedBro. LeeACA
Listen/Download03/23/2008Run the Race - Hebrews 12 (Part 2)Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download03/16/2008Elijah (2)Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download03/02/2008Hidden Heroes behind MosesBro. Livingstone WongACA
Listen/Download02/24/2008Brotherly LoveBro. KuoACA
Listen/Download02/17/2008The Power of the Word of GodBro. ShaileshACA
Listen/Download02/10/2008Hebrews 12Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download02/03/2008Abiding in the LordBro. Samuel KaoACA
Listen/Download01/27/2008Elijah (1)Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download01/20/2008The Resurection of ChristBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download01/13/2008Work of the Holy Spirit - 2Bro. ZhuACA
Listen/Download01/06/2008Work of the Holy Spirit - 1Bro. ZhuACA
Listen/Download12/23/2007BaptismBro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download12/16/2007Do not Worry 2Bro. Peter LiuACA
Listen/Download12/15/2007Do not Worry 1Bro. Peter LiuACA
Listen/Download12/14/2007Power and WealthBro. Peter LiuACA
Listen/Download12/09/2007The work of Holy Spirit - John 16Bro. KuoACA
Listen/Download12/02/2007Faith - Hebrews 11, part 2Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download11/22/2007Thanksgiving MessageBro. Chang JianACA
Listen/Download11/18/2007Storing up Treasure in HeavenBro. KimACA
Listen/Download11/11/2007Psalm 103Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download11/04/2007Remember Our Lord and Serve HimBro. KuoACA
Listen/Download10/28/2007The Purpose of God's GraceBro. Phillip JongACA
Listen/Download10/21/2007Faith - Hebrews 11Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download10/14/2007To Complete the RaceBro. PaulACA
Listen/Download10/07/2007Remember Our Lord and Serve HimBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download09/23/2007Faithful and Wise Servant 3Bro. PongACA
Listen/Download09/22/2007Faithful and Wise Servant 2Bro. PongACA
Listen/Download09/21/2007Faithful and Wise Servant 1Bro. PongACA
Listen/Download09/16/2007Union with the Lord, Enter into His Glory - Ruth 4Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download09/09/2007PerseveranceBro. KuoACA
Listen/Download08/19/2007Hidden PlaceBro. Dale KingACA
Listen/Download08/12/2007The Way to a Perfect ManBro. PaulACA
Listen/Download08/05/2007Meeting the Lord in the Threshing Floor - Ruth 3Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download07/22/2007Baptismal MeetingBro. DanielACA
Listen/Download07/08/2007Psalm 60Bro. Livingstone WongACA
Listen/Download07/01/2007Be Ye PerfectBro. PaulACA
Listen/Download06/22/2007Seeking HeartBro. Moses WangACA
Listen/Download05/06/2007Hebrews 6Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download04/22/2007The Blood Of JesusBro. ShaileshACA
Listen/Download04/15/2007Opening Our Inner EyesBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download04/08/2007Returning to the Lord - Ruth 1Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download04/06/2007Gospel - Story of ThomasBro. YaoMCCF
Listen/Download03/25/2007Worshiping GodBro. Godwin SunACA
Listen/Download03/24/2007Listening to GodBro. Godwin SunACA
Listen/Download03/18/2007El Shaddai and Perfect ManBro. PaulACA
Listen/Download03/04/2007Hebrews 7Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download02/25/2007Prayer LifeBro. Chiang JianACA
Listen/Download02/18/2007Secrect of ChoiceBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download02/11/2007Obeying Commandments of the LordBro. KuoACA
Listen/Download02/04/2007The Way of Perfect ManBro. PaulACA
Listen/Download01/21/2007Brother Philp Jong's msgBro. Phillip JongACA
Listen/Download01/14/2007Diligently go on to maturity - Hebrews 6Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download01/07/2007Jesus - the True VineBro. KuoACA
Listen/Download12/10/2006Ten Plagues of EgyptBro. Kim JungACA
Listen/Download12/03/2006Obedience - Hebrews 5Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download11/26/2006Christ Be Our GoalBro. Eric WuACA
Listen/Download11/25/2006Christ Be ExaltedBro. Eric WuACA
Listen/Download11/23/20062006 Thanksgiving MeetingBro. Eric WuACA
Listen/Download11/19/2006Revival work of the Holy SpiritBro. KuoACA
Listen/Download11/12/2006Diligently Enter That Rest (2) - Hebrews 4Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download11/05/2006The Judgment Seat of Christ (3)Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download10/29/2006Bro. Luke plus Bro. Wayne's TestimonyBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download10/22/2006Jesus - the LifeBro. KuoACA
Listen/Download10/20/2006Jesus - the only true GodBro. Jian ChiangMCCF
Listen/Download10/15/2006To Be RecordedBro. Livingstone WongACA
Listen/Download10/13/2006To Be RecordedBro. Livingstone WongACA
Listen/Download10/08/2006Diligently Enter That Rest (1) - Hebrews 3Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download09/24/2006The Judgment Seat of Christ (2)Bro. PatrickACA
Listen/Download09/22/2006Gospel Meeting - Bible and Middle EastBro. TuanMCCF
Listen/Download09/17/2006Conduct in God's Household - 1 TimothyBro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download09/16/2006Gates Of Jerusalem Part 2Bro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download09/15/2006Gates Of Jerusalem Part 1Bro. Sunshine BorACA
Listen/Download09/10/2006FaithBro. PaulACA
Listen/Download09/03/2006The Spirit of ChristBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download08/27/2006Jesus - the TruthBro. KuoACA
Listen/Download08/20/2006The RemnantsBro. Phillip JongACA
Listen/Download08/13/2006The Path to Glorious Crown - Hebrews 2Bro. DanielACA
Listen/Download08/06/2006Baptismal MeetingBro. LukeACA
Listen/Download09/26/2004Full Gospel - Esther and Romans 3Bro. Christian ChenACA
Listen/Download09/25/2004Full Gospel - Esther and Romans 2Bro. Christian ChenACA
Listen/Download09/24/2004Full Gospel - Esther and Romans 1Bro. Christian ChenACA